Located at the strategic mouth of Tilver’s Gap, between the Thunder Peaks and the Desertsmouth Mountains, Tilverton stood at the T intersection where the North Ride met the Moonsea Ride. These roads led from the town to Arabel, via the Moonsea Ride and Shadowdale, via the North Ride.

The town of Tilverton has recently been annexed by the Cormyrean forces led by Duke Bhereu, one of the King’s cousins. The reasons for the occupation was the attacks of Lashan of Scardale, and the growing threat from the Zhentarim far to the North. However, those shrewd enough to notice Cormyr’s recent foreign policy will tell you that that the Kingdom has looked to the relatively small town for some time.

The occupation was made with the tacit approval of the Dalelands and Sembia, though both have since grown concerned about Cormyr’s increasing power.

The current ruler is Lady Regent Alasalynn Rowanmantle, a Cormyrean noblewoman and cousin to Shaerl Rowanmantle – the Lady of Shadowdale.

In the months following the occupation Cormyr has sent a large force to protect their new border and to oversee the strengthening of Tilverton’s walls. This has caused a gold rush of sorts with hundreds of master craftsmen racing to the town in search of patronage and work. This has led to the major redevelopment of the town, including new paved street, and new building.

The town itself is a hub of activity and there are many inns and taverns that have benefited directly from the new comers. One inn in particular, the Whispering Witch is a dark, cosy and shady place where unexplained sounds are often heard. It is kept by the twin sisters: Aluana Nithrin and Jhansabella Nithrin. Their cook is the balding and bearded Alstigar, a master chef with a particular flare for pheasant.



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