Unlikely Heroes for Unhappy Times

Necromancer's Journal VII

Travelling to Voonlar we encountered a flock of dead starlings, dead through the injesting poison. Thia scouted and found a lake that was heavily polluted, from a stream coming from the mountains.

I urged us to ingnore this and head onward to help out Megrim, but everyone else wanted to “right the balance”. Our new paladin companion is intent on vengance and freeing people from slavery. Little does he realise that some races and peoples are made for slavery. The lizard folk are a degenerate species that should be subjugated and made to serve higher races. It is good for them, as it gives them structure.

In some cultures slavery is used as a form of punishment which is beneficial to all of society. The Dwarven races are a perfect race to be made to serve humans, as they are a stupid and drunken sub human race.

Humans are the true lords of the earth, as proven by our almost total domination of the Faerun.

It is the natural order of things, and without laws we will have no progress.

We traveled up the stream to find a green dragon called Venom Tongue. The dragon luckily granted us passage through its lands where we found a defiled temple to Eldath.

We defeated what appeared be a cleric of a god called Bane – my lightning bolt spells blasting him to cinders. Arnold seemed to know the name Bane, as well as the paladin. I vaguely recall the name in association with master Myrkul amongst the scrolls I studied as a student.

I re-consecrated the temple to Eldath that had been desecrated, after the paladin cleansed the waters. Some find it strange that a necromancer would respect Lathander, and take concern with a temple of Eldath. It is folly not to respect and revere all of the gods.

We arrived in Voonlar to find that the bard Llewellyn has been sentenced to death for being a Harper spy. I now not this Lewellyn, so whether he lives or dies is of little concern to me. If he has broken the law here, then there is little I care to do.



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