Unlikely Heroes for Unhappy Times

Necromancer's Journal V

We have destroyed an ancient elven mummy. I don’t know how I feel about this, part of me is dismayed that I was not able to extract information from this creature. However, I do realise that these things must be destroyed if I am to remain on good relations with the rest of this party.

My companions did not take kindly to the suggestion that the lizard folk are a sub species who are there for the stronger races to subjugate. The lizard man we conversed with was subservient to our power, which is a sign that my viewpoint is correct. They are a race that should be made to serve those with more power.

Perhaps we will meet them if we are to travel to the southern marshes.

The scrolls we recovered are both powerful and terrible. I briefly read one of them and discovered it contains a spell to give sentience to non sentient things. The druid and I discussed this, he suggested it was intended to rise the lizard folk from the mud, but I would like to see it used as a way of extending life. If sentience can be bestowed upon an undead creature then surely this is one way of cheating death?

We travel with the elven guardians of the ancient elven temple to seek Elminster, who we beleive is the best person to safeguard these scrolls.



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