Unlikely Heroes for Unhappy Times

Necromancer's Journal IV


My mind has been expanded. Through the reading of the legendary Tome of Eternal Life, I have achieved a clarity of thought I could never have imagined.

Tiah found the time under a flagstone in the area where Megrim succumbed to Yellow Mould. I now know how to create mummies, as well as their weaknesses and how to destroy them. Upon completion of the tome a magical force entered by body and relealed to me the true potential of my knowledge. I can now have access to more spells than before. I never considered it possible to increase my intelligence through magical means. However, I believe it would prove troublesome and unworkable to seek out other tomes such as this.

The knowledge of mummies should prove to be extremely valuable the further we delve into this complex. We were nearly overrun by mummies, if it were not for the valour of my companions. Particularly a druid who has revealed himself to us, who wielded a blade of flame.

Brak has contracted the dreaded mummy rot. it will be interesting to see how this disease progresses first hand, as I have only read of the disease. Some interesting buboes have sprouted from his armpits, and he is unable to receive the healing powers of either Arnold or Thia.



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