Ring of Plot Protection


A mystical ring that glows with a faint pink light, this magical artefact protects the wearer and companions from DM mistakes in interpreting the plot and adventure mechanics, as well as minor protection from misinterpretation of monster abilities.

The power of the ring is fickle, and can only be invoked by the words of power “Oh no, I’ve made a mistake”, upon which the ring accesses another dimension and contacts the otherworldly being known as The Dungeon Master. The DM on the plane of existance where the current game is being run can also invoke the ring’s power, which has lead to many philisophical debates regarding the nature of conciousness, quantum theory, and the size of brain required for competent DMing.

The Dungeon Master will not always respond, and when there is a response, will not always make sense. Sometimes fudge will rain down from the sky.

The ring also bestows upon the wearer a +1 vs saving throws against the screech made by the DM when imitating the call of a cockatrice.


Ring of Plot Protection

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