Sardonas - Deceased

A Gruff young wizard educated on the streets of Saerloon


Sardonas Marvaz “the fabulous Marvello”

My earliest memory is grey beard. A man who used to visit my home and marvel me with tricks of light colour and sound. I would sit on his knee the nearest to the father I got asking him to show me the tricks eager to watch.

In my naivety I thought I could copy him. I told the other kids and anyone who would listen that one day “I will be Marvello the fabulous and leave the brothel, I would meet elves, battle dragons and retire rich with the hordes of loot.”
Growing up at the Purple Palace, a brothel where the children of the women were kept, was hard. The children of the whores did small tasks like mopping and cleaning but it was not wise growing up in the gutter…even Marvello the Mighty learnt to fight and I did.
I used my head, filling socks with rocks and waiting in the shadows for a chance blow, kicking a knee, or my personal favourite, getting real close and making a move for Elminster’s jewels and nutting the bastard straight on the nose.

Look, my language ain’t pretty and neither am I. I got scars and cuts from fights so long ago I don’t even know which prick gave it me and that’s the beginning of my misadventure.

I struggle to understand the world. The gutter taught me, fed me, kept me alive and out of the hands of the worst. Sometime I would roll with scum but they lacked smarts; I mean why break a marks arm for money you knew he could not pay back? Why rob the rich to get rich and when you do forget us just hoping to eat and stay warm if the law don’t get you first. Makes no sense.

You see at about nine or ten winters we get used more. We beg for the brothel, we hold up furious wives while the husband escapes, and we fleece marks at games we know we can’t lose and if they wanna take money from us they get what they deserve. There were some good ones like grey beard, or Gustav, he made his money bouncing and got out. I liked him, good sort never knew a gnome could fight like that, an animal with hands, feet, and dagger.

They never said who our mothers were. I survived well, the uncanny thing is that when I tried to do magic it actually worked. I was taken to an old wizard but I could show no magic in his presence filled with disappointment I went home to find it destroyed….ruined.

A huge fight happened at the Purple Palace: fire, lightning, and all the like. I don’t know who won or why. I just got taken by Adness away to safety, apparently they could return. So we joined a travelling freak show, I used my raw talent to let me look like a two headed human or a bearded woman.

Here’s the thing I am half elf. I have no idea what an elf is much or what it means but I can see well in the dark and I have a knack for finding stuff, it’s a useful talent when you’re in a marks home.

What it all mean I don’t know, but what I do know is it confuses the nine hells out of me.

Sardonas - Deceased

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