Unlikely Heroes for Unhappy Times

Necromancer's Journal III

New avenues of thought

We have lost the warrior Megrim. Curiously, he was immune to electricity, which was his downfall. A discharge of electricity disturbed an infestation of Yellow Mould, and he was poisoned. It is disappointing that he was not a magic using creature, otherwise the facilities here would be perfect for disecting the corpse and furthering my research. I see no benefit to my research in conducting an autopsy on this one.

Of far greater interest was the skeletons and mummy we encountered. The animated skeletons of some kind of long dead lizard attacked us. Their bones were petrified from age, or altered by some process I am yet to discern. Either way, the skeletons proved slightly more resilient than what I would imagine a normal skeleton to be.

Upon destruction I discovered the mummy to be of an elf. Speaking to Thia about this, she commented that it is not a custom for elves to mummify the dead. the discovery of three further elven skeletons in a room designed for dissection lends me to beleive that the mummy was created from an elven corpse, but not by elves.

Perhaps whoever built this complex, or inhabits it now, has taken elves as slaves and prisoners and has experimented upon them.

This is interesting, as elves apparently live forever and have no souls. At the soonest opportunity I should experiment on an elven corpse. It could lead to discovering some of the source of their longevity. Thia would be ideal for this, as she wields divine magic which would dovetail nicely into my other fledgling project.

The facilities here appear to be ideal for my researches.

Of note was the effectiveness of my spell Chill Touch. All those years of practising touching things in The Dark Temple with the hands of corpses was worth it. I found it strange that my Master would teach me this spell when at face value it seems to offer so little. Now I understand the wisdom behind his lessons.

There is a pit to be found in this area inscribed with magical runes. They are from the ancient Netherys Empire – the first humans to become mages. Inside the upper lip the runes read:

“From Darkness you have come and now to Darkness you shall return.”

It is surmised that this pit is used in a ritual to re-animate corpses. Perhaps I can experiment with the corpse of Megrim, as his resurection is beyond our abilities out here in the Anauroch desert.

Following my musing on the Netherys Empire, I recalled that they worshiped gods that are now dead. The disk that we seek I propose was once a holy item of Amuantor that has now been dedicated to Lathander. I voiced the theory that Amuantor was rebirthed as Lathander? Arnold was deeply offended by this, and scornful of my suggestion. He seems to be a fanatic to his religion, which although admirable can prove to be limiting to academic thoughts and pursuits.

We do not appear to be in a temple of Amuantor, as there are no depictions of the sun. My companions are dismissive of my suggestion that a temple of Amuantor may be within this underground complex. The most vocal of these was the dwarf Brakk. I do not understand why the party would listen to the uneducated mouthings of a warrior dwarf when it comes to matters of academic thoughts and deductions.

It is well known that several ancient cultures would hold both light and dark gods in equal reverence. Unlike today where people tend to follow one god, the peoples of antiquity would venerate a pantheon of gods. Perhaps we are within a part of a greatet temple that is dedicated to some kind of god of the underdark. A lizard or serpent like creature. The temple could have been adapted for use by new inhabitants, hence the dissection room.

I hope more will be discovered as we continue.



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