Unlikely Heroes for Unhappy Times

New Beginnings

Shadowdale 1

14 Nightal 1366DR

Session One:

An adventuring party, wet behind the ears, with more braggadocio than real experience are spending the last of their coin in the Old Skull Inn. Little would they know that this day would mark the beginning of a series of dramatic adventures.

It is winter, the days are short and the nights long. The Dalelands carpeted with a thick blanket of snow that has made long distance travel nigh on impossible. But that is outside, for now this unlikely group of heroes sit with an ale in their hands warming themselves by the hearth of the famous inn.

Together are Arnold, a native of Shadowdale and a novice at the Temple of Lathandar. A seemingly naive young man who is well loved by the Dale; Megrim, a half-orc from Thar; Thia, a Elven Cleric/Thief in the service of the Elven Lord of mischief Erevan Ilesere; and Brak, Blood of Ghellin of the lost kingdom of Thethyamar.

Having spent as much coin as their meagre budget allowed the Party gathered outside and headed towards the Dale’s noticeboard.

100gp for reconnaissance mission – Contact Thurbal Captain of the Guard at the Tower of Ashaba

The next day the adventurers contact the rather gruff Captain Thurbal and after some haggling are hired to investigate the caverns underneath the Tower, make a map, and if possible find out what had happened to the last patrol which is still to return after three weeks.


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