Unlikely Heroes for Unhappy Times

Goblins...... Thousands of Them

Angry goblin

20 Nightal 1366DR

Session Six: (An account by Thia Amakiir)

It was our sixth day investigating the caverns beneath the Tower of Ashaba. Although this is by our reckoning only, as the days and nights seems to merge into one in this ghastly, godforsaken place. The air down here is heavy, dank and fetid and the atmosphere most unnatural. Evil things lurk in the darkness. With each day that passes I feel further and further from my lord Erevan and I long to be back in the forest and feel the sun on my skin and mossy ground beneath my feet.

The day began with me undertaking a little reconnaissance in the tunnel ahead. Silent as a cat I crept , keeping myself flat against the tunnel wall. In the distance I spied some goblins, toiling away amongst the stone with hammers and picks. I could see that they were armed so began my retreat to report back to the rest of the party. It was too late though, by some dire luck or witchcraft of some sort they spotted me and immediately advanced with weapons and teeth bared.

I stood my ground and drew my bow to give them a pointy reception whilst my party rushed to my aid.

The battle was as swift as it was bloody and all but one of the little blighters lay dead. He must have prayed very hard to his god that morning as he managed to elude both the savage daggers of Megrim and Brak’s mighty sword and made good his escape along the tunnel.

We gave chase and were almost upon him when we turned a corner to find that the goblin had disappeared. Bewildered we made our way along the tunnel when all of a sudden arrows rained down upon us and we realised we had been led into an ambush. The tunnel was flanked on both sides by ramparts where hordes of goblins had been lying in wait. They cackled wickedly as they opened fire but we could see no way to reach them.

I glanced at my comrades and saw that everyone was looking up except from Brak who was staring intently at the tunnel wall. ‘Aha it must be a door’, thought I and quick as a whip Brak had it open. Arnold practically trod on the dwarf’s head in his rush to get through and avoid the rain of arrows only to come face to face with more goblins.

Fair play to the young cleric though, he stood his ground and began clobbering them with his mace.

Brak guessed that there must be another door the opposite side to access the flanking rampart and before long he’d opened that too.

That’s the last thing I remember as a flurry of arrows burned into me and I lost consciousness.

I awoke to find Arnold tending my wounds. The battle had been won without me! It had very nearly been the end of my story but I learned that, thank Erevan, the dwarf had dragged me out of there to safety. Good old Brak.

We rested for several hours to regain our strength but my slumber was not peaceful as I was plagued by the most horrible dreams of spiders. I awoke feeling most unsettled and prayed to Erevan but he did not hear me.

This has never happened to me before and I was most disturbed. I discussed this distressing turn of events with my comrades and we surmised that Erevan must be displeased with me. The only possible explanation for this must be the creepy sword that we pilfered from the altar in cavern with the water elemental.

I cursed my stupidity for ever wielding the wretched thing. It emanates an oppressive aura and my thought capture vision quite clearly described its dark purpose. I should have known but as always my curiosity had gotten the better of me.

We discussed destroying the sword but Arnold and myself were reluctant to do this as we would never learn its secrets and perhaps it could be cleansed and its power used for good. So instead we agreed to take it to the temple in Shadowdale to seek advice on the best way to deal with it. As, for some reason, nobody can touch the sword but me without being hurt, we bound it tightly in cloth and rope and Megrim agreed to carry it.

We carried on with our exploration of the tunnels and happened upon a large room with a table in the centre. Here there were some very small goblins who saw us and ran. We pursued them into another room where we met and defeated more belligerent goblins and then followed the two smaller ones through a doorway and into a larger cavern with a river running through. The goblins jumped into the water and, none of us wanting a repeat of our near drowning of a few days previously, we let them go.

We doubled back and investigated a few of the other adjacent rooms. We found some rancid supplies, but being very low on rations had to take them.

The next doorway we went through was not so benign and we found ourselves face to face with more goblins but this time they bought friends – two bugbears flanked a larger goblin who wore a crown.

Megrim and Brak charged forward to engage the enemy whilst Arnold and I hung back to attack at range.

I landed a few good shots into the goblin horde, and all of us fought valiantly. Megrim and Brak made short work of the bugbears and turned to attack the large goblin.

By the time they reached him they found that he was already bleeding and were able to finish him off swiftly. It turns out that two kobolds the goblins had been keeping prisoner had somehow acquired a knife which they had buried into the back of the large goblin. Erevan surely does send his aid in the strangest of forms!

We investigated the inner room which appeared to be a dormitory and found more small goblins (which we can only assume must be children) and other un-armed goblins who don’t seem intent on attacking us at the moment.

So here we are with goblin and kobold prisoners and no idea what we’re going to do next.

The sooner we get out of here the better!

New Beginnings

Shadowdale 1

14 Nightal 1366DR

Session One:

An adventuring party, wet behind the ears, with more braggadocio than real experience are spending the last of their coin in the Old Skull Inn. Little would they know that this day would mark the beginning of a series of dramatic adventures.

It is winter, the days are short and the nights long. The Dalelands carpeted with a thick blanket of snow that has made long distance travel nigh on impossible. But that is outside, for now this unlikely group of heroes sit with an ale in their hands warming themselves by the hearth of the famous inn.

Together are Arnold, a native of Shadowdale and a novice at the Temple of Lathandar. A seemingly naive young man who is well loved by the Dale; Megrim, a half-orc from Thar; Thia, a Elven Cleric/Thief in the service of the Elven Lord of mischief Erevan Ilesere; and Brak, Blood of Ghellin of the lost kingdom of Thethyamar.

Having spent as much coin as their meagre budget allowed the Party gathered outside and headed towards the Dale’s noticeboard.

100gp for reconnaissance mission – Contact Thurbal Captain of the Guard at the Tower of Ashaba

The next day the adventurers contact the rather gruff Captain Thurbal and after some haggling are hired to investigate the caverns underneath the Tower, make a map, and if possible find out what had happened to the last patrol which is still to return after three weeks.


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