Black Gauntlet

A black gauntlet


An ornately crafted gauntlet of unknown origin. It is made of a strange black metal.


This gauntlet was found grasping the Mysterious Longsword within a secret compartment in a drow sacrificial table under the Twisted Tower of Ashaba.

Is it magical? At the moment you do not know. However, it does seem to change it size to fit it wearer so perhaps it holds some arcane properties. Only time and a little investigation will reveal its secrets: If any.

During the course of the party’s exploration of the catacombs underneath the Twisted Tower Megrim began to notice a warmth from the gauntlet. At a later point he casual went to hit a bandit with the back of the Gauntlet only to kill the bandit. Strange, it was only a glancing blow.

Further experimentation during a fight with the Verbeeg Megrim noticed that a trail of blue motes followed the Gauntlet when he attempted to punch the Giant-kin.

Having escaped the catacombs and found the surface once more. The party returned to Shadowdale and after much convincing managed to persuade Lhaeo to meet them at the Old Skull Inn. Lhaeo drew a expertly cut gemstone from within the folds of his robes and put it to his eye. After some time examining the Gauntlet he concluded that if it was magical in emanated no such radiance. However he did discover a secret latch in the palm of the Gauntlet. Megrim opened the hatch and found a small piece of parchment rolled into a small scroll. On one side is a symbol (a bird whose wings are made up of four-pointed stars). While on the other side a passage written in Thorass.

The scroll reads:

None Worthy, so hidden let it be. If the city stands in peril, look: Where wind is worshipped. Where song lives. Where six are one. Where love is worship.

The current owner is Megrim.

Black Gauntlet

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