A Young Half-Orc Fighter from the Land of Thar


Half-Orc Fighter 5th lvl

Str 17
Con 16
Dex 16
Int 14
Wis 13
Cha 7 (9)

AC: 1 (plate mail) or 0 (plate mail and shield)

HP: 54 (10, 9, 6, 10, 9)

Weapon Prof’s:
Dagger (specialised)
Longsword (specialised)
Morning Star
Two weapon style specialisation

Non-weapon Prof’s:
Riding (Land based)


Treasured items:
Father’s gifted longsword
Mother’s gifted 20 Daggers (style of the Naga Clan from Thar)
Sword of The Dales +3
Longsword +1
Dagger of Venom +1
Potion of Sweetwater


The History of Megrim Nagafang

The Naga’s were a nomadic Half Orc tribe resident in the land of Thar. The Tribe was formed by the machinations of a wild wizard known only as Kwalib. He rescued the human girls enslaved by the Burning Daggers Orc tribe. The progeny of the raped women were raised, entrusted their history, taught the words of men and orc, tutored to hunt and live harmoniously with nature and apprenticed to the Dagger Kata. This Kwalib bequeathed the Naga Clan in return for their strict obedience.
For 10 generations the Wild Man directed the tribe to seek out the ravenous humanoid tribes of Thar and to defeat them by surreptitious means. In the final generations Kwalib appeared less and less and so tutelage of the young, and new, fell to clan elders. This spelled the beginning of the end… Rumour tells that at the height of the Naga Clans power Half Orc Rangers, Scouts, Druids and Mages used magic, nature and the dark of night to wreak terrible wounds against the evil of Thar. Alas, the lives of Half Orc are fleeting… a flame that burns shortly but bright and without Kwalib’s assistance they were unable to fully pass on what they had learned.
By the last generation Kwalib was never seen. The clan retained only the knowledge of language, hunting and the Dagger Kata and so the once proud clan were reduced to hired hands that eventually dissipated into the large decadent cities of Thar.

Megrim Nagafang, the only son of Wargrim and Finnow, may be one of the last seed of the Naga clan. His parents were both half orcs and skilled warriors who earned their living as arms-for-hire.
Wargrim taught his son how to track, hunt and mastery of the longsword. Finnow taught her son the coveted Dagger Kata which was painstakingly remembered from the first teaching of Kwalib.
As he grew up his bedtime stories revolved around the Naga Clan and their enigmatic and elusive benefactor Kwalib. Sadly, as the years passed fewer clan members visited or were seen… poverty, disease, murder and war diminished and spread their numbers.
Upon his 12th birthday Megrim was gifted a set of adventuring gear, a suit of splint armour, a longsword and a bandolier of daggers. Wargrim and Finnow also told their son that their ancestors believed that Kwalib was more than a human man and that perhaps he was not even from this world… perhaps an outsider sent to guide them. Wargrim charged his son to seek out his fortune, what remains of his clan and to listen closely for rumours of The Wild Mage of Thar.

For 2 years Megrim has adventured across Fearun. He has learnt of the bigotry of men, dwarves and elves. He has seen the wickedness of Orcs. He has lost comrades and gained new. He has remained true to his knowledge of the Naga Clan and his father’s request… But, as yet no clan has been found and no rumour of Kwalib has been heard…


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