Dwarven Fighter related to the exiled Iron House of Tethyamar.


The Saga of Brakk Ironbeard Relative of the Exile House of Tethyamar

Distant cousin of the noble house Brakk’s father, Kilin Ironbeard III, was expecting great things from his 4 sons. Kilin Ironbeard IV the eldest, brightest and best of Ironbeard Clan, Kori and Bori the second born twins, and considered a great blessing on the name Ironbeard and then there was Brakk the youngest and not the best of the Ironbeard Clan, and some say a mistake, the runt of the litter or the bad apple, depending on which dwarf you spoke to at the time. This angered Kilin III, he saw no reason for it and still loved his sons. As the brothers grew Kilin III slowly favoured his first 3 sons more, and the pressure of other family member forced him to. It was this behaviour toward Brakk from his father which confused him so much in his younger years. No matter how much he tried he could not win his Father’s favour, and with the teasing and beatings that his older brothers gave to him did not help matters. After all they could do no wrong in their fathers eyes, he was expected to stand up for himself and learn to fight back, after all, this had made Kilin III the dwarf he was today.

It was upon reaching adolescence that Brakk was required to go out into the world and prove his dwarfhood. So, with his brothers, they set out to fight and slay the giant Skulldicer. The brothers raced on ahead leaving poor Brakk to keep up as best he could, his brother knew running fully equip for battle was not an easy task for Brakk, but still he kept going as best he could. For 3 days this feat of endurance went on, until high in the snow capped mountains the brothers spotted the lair of the giant. Strewed across this plateau was many served heads of humanoid beings, each one on a pike, broken and shattered only the sinew and muscle holding the freshest kills, and there sleeping amongst the slaughter was Skulldicer.

Brakk thought they could try and be quiet, perhaps surprise the giant and give themselves a fighting chance.

His brothers just laughed.

Kilin IV, Kori and Bori, looked upon the site, stoic in their demeanour, looked to the sky and screamed a bloodoath to Moradin that the giant shall be slain this day. Needless to say, the noise roused the monster from his slumber and immediately provoked it.

Again the three brothers charged on ahead leaving Brakk in their wake, confident in their marshal prowess. Brakk’s blood was up and knew he had the courage to enter the fray, but fate would seem to have a sense of irony, for the oath that the brothers swore, screaming at the top of their lungs caused an avalanche, everything was caught by this raging snow tide.

Brakk didn’t remember much after that, he woke to find himself lost and alone on the mountain side. He searched for his brothers and Skulldicer but found nothing. The shame of the task not being fulfilled weighed heavy on his mind. Even though it was his brother’s fault, he would be the one to blame for their deaths. So putting himself into exile Brakk decide to restore his honour and the name of Ironbeard


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