Arnold Wellbridge

A young and eager but inexperienced cleric in the service of the temple of Lathandar in Shadowdale.


Letter from High Priest of Temple of Lathandar to Arnold’s Mother

Dearest Mrs Wellbridge

I thought I would take this opportunity to once again apologise for the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Master Arnold’s recent expulsion from the Temple and to note how glad we are to welcome him back into the family of the church.

As you are aware I am afraid that Demetrus, the Master of the Novices at the Temple, arrived at the wrong conclusion regarding the recent theft of the collection plate. We now acknowledge that Arnold had no role in this theft and thanks to his “exuberant” investigation techniques and “dynamic” questioning of a number of other novices in his year group the true culprits were identified and dealt with.

I can assure you that Algenon Q Prentiss as the ringleader has been censured for undertaking the theft and his family have paid a considerable tithe for him to continue his education at the Temple. A further three novices were expelled from the church following Arnold’s investigations. I do understand however, that there remains some antipathy between Algenon and Arnold, although I’m sure in time this will be forgotten.

Attached with this scroll are the latest assessments of Arnold’s tutors and comments from the Master of Novices. Whilst Arnold remains a most enthusiastic acolyte of Lathander I am afraid that it appears unlikely he will join the ranks of the Morninglords. However, I am sure that there will in the next couple of years arise a vacancy at the Temple more suited to Arnold’s talents, which I am sure Arnold will undertake to the best of his abilities and with great enthusiasm.

Kindest Regards
High Dawnlord Cassimar
Morningdawn Hall

Arnold’s Last Seasonal Report Card From The Temple

Area of Study Tutor’s Comments

Religious Studies
Arnold has developed a reasonable knowledge of Faerun’s major religions, however his knowledge of the dogma of deities other than Lathandar is limited. However, I do not believe that Arnold’s nature is sufficiently studious to fully understand the teachings of Our Lord to the extent required by a prospective Morninglord. If only Arnold could harness a proportion of his enthusiasm for the subject to achieve an effective studying regime.

Physical Aptitudes
Whilst Arnold does possess some natural agility, he lacks strength and he tires easily. He is neither a natural sprinter, nor particularly able to maintain physical excursion over long distances or for any reasonable length of time. I am afraid to say that Arnold continues not to even understand the rudimentary techniques of swimming which remains of some concern given his desire to become an adventuring priest.

What Arnold lacks in calligraphic abilities he makes up for in effort and enthusiasm. He is a capable, if however slow, scribe.

Apothecratic Studies
Arnold does show some natural capabilities in the apothecratic arts. If he continues to engage in these studies he may prove a satisfactory, if not able student.

Herbal Knowledge
After last season’s unfortunate incident in the cooking class following the nature walk and Arnold’s mushroom soup which required the ministrations of the High Dawnlord on a number of his classmates following the virulent food poisoning, Arnold has concentrated more on his studies this season. Whilst unlikely to ever be a talented herbalist, it now seems less likely that Arnold will attempt to put Death’s Head Mushrooms in a pie in future.

Magical Studies
Whilst it appears unlikely that Arnold will master the prayers and castings to the standard required of a prospective Morninglord, I remain hopeful that, in time, Arnold will develop some mastery over the merest cantrips of Lathandar’s power.

Master of Novices’ Comments
I note that there is currently no evidence linking Arnold to the recent theft of the collection plate. However, I also note that there is also no evidence linking Arnold to a competent student. I suppose it remains to be seen if he can convert a proportion of his enthusiasm to a success, however minor, in his studies.

Letter Left By Arnold For His Mother On The Kitchen Table When Left To Go Adventuring

From the hand of Arnold Wellbridge Esq

Dearest Mother,

I am sorry that I missed you so I thought I would leave you this note for when you return.

As requested I have been to market and purchased the bread and eggs. I have also swept the cottage and watered the plants.

Mabel came to the cottage earlier this afternoon to discuss the difficulties she has been having milking her herd. She believes that something appears to have startled the cows and she is sure that is why they have had no milk for the past week. She was most upset about this and was wondering what she will have available for sale next market day.

She asked that I pass on that her family is well but her feet have been playing up again despite the ointment that I suggested.

Much Love

PS. I won’t be home for tea tonight. In fact I may be gone for a little while. I have joined an adventuring group! They are a mighty bunch of heroes and all are most trustworthy. Well, I suppose some would say that the half-orc looks most fearsome, and I haven’t seen the dwarf sober and the elf never speaks of her past but other than that I am sure they are all trustworthy and will keep me safe. Back soon, hopefully with a chest of gold!

Arnold Wellbridge

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