Alabaster the Ruinous

"Death is the golden key that opens the palace of eternity. " - John Milton


The unsettling feeling that you are talking to a man that isn’t there, a hollow effigy of what once was human, a semblance of a man like shadow pretending to be substance. This is how you feel when you gaze upon and speak to Alabaster.

All of the mannerisms of a human are there, Alabaster engages in conversation and can be enthusiastic about several subject matters, but behind the facade there is nothing. As when one closes one’s eyes and stands on the edge of a chasm, the vast emptiness can be felt.

Alabaster’s eyes are sunken in his face, his skin pale and stretched tight across his bones. A dusty beard and mattted hair hang over musty black course cloth robes.


Alabaster is the youngest son of an important family in a farming community in Cormyr. Blight and disease struck the area, and it was deemed that Alabaster would be sent to the far off druid’s grove for training so that he could return and try to heal the land, as well as to eventually oversee parts of the community. A generation of young men were lost to wars and famine and eventually the community would need leadership and guidance.

Sent on his way when still a boy with a small band of hired guards, the party lost their way and ended up in the wrong forest. They discovered an old temple that was still inhabited by an old man. The guards saw their job as done, and left Alabaster with the old man after promises were made about the young boy’s tuition.

The education was not what Alabaster, or his parents, were imagining. Alabaster returned home changed. He was not the Alabaster he should have grown to be.

He did discover the source of the pestilence – dead bodies polluting the water source, and questionable mining practices to feed the requirements of war – and managed to right the wrongs.

However, his homeland rejected him, due to his changed nature. Alabaster now wanders seeking the wizard who corrupted him.

Alabaster the Ruinous

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