Unlikely Heroes for Unhappy Times

Necromancer's Journal

Alabaster meets new test subjects...er...friends...

Travelling from Arabel to Tilverton I heard a group of interesting characters debating the location of a temple of some sorts….perhaps there will be more test subjects available to study.

What I could only assume to be adventurers (such an eclectic mix of races travelling together can only be a mercenary adventuring party) entered a temple to Lathander, arguing about speaking to the dead. Of course, this piqued my interest. I covertly followed them into the temple to eavesdrop on their conversation about asking the spirit of Algernon about the location of this temple and a disc that sounded like some kind of key.

The cleric of Lathander, Arnold, seems to be young and inexperienced. This is why I intervened, introduced myself and asked if I could examine the body of Algernon. Perhaps if I could glean some information regarding the way he died, then the party would accept me and could lead me to this hidden temple.

Success! My autopsy revealed that the cleric had been drained of his life, possibly from two puncture marks to the inner thigh. The corpse also has a flicker of undeath about it, can only be harmed by magic weapons and heals supernaturally. It is my belief that Algernon is turning into a vampire.

Megrim, who appears to be a half-orc warrior, suggested I travel with the party and would be entitled to an equal share of treasure. They gave me some magical bracers and a magical staff on loan, however, Megrim then suggested that I could have them in return for a reduced share of treasure. His willingness to change the nature of a contract lends me to believe that he does not hold the law in high esteem.

For some reason the party entertains the company of an old hag. I am unsure of her role in the group. They say she is a Bard, however, she did not seem to be forthcoming with much information on the geography of the area, nor does she have the benefit of a charming personality. Perhaps she has hidden talents, it will be interesting to see. Regardless, she was very forthcoming with her spell books. I will have to be vigilant with regards to my own spells, she may assume that I will reciprocate.

Brak seems to be a sensible warrior. Dwarves are known for their forthright attitudes, and Brak is no exception.

Thia worships an Elven deity of which I am unfamiliar. Her skills with the bow are accomplished, which I hope will aid Megrim and Brak in the future – they seemed to be un-coordinated in the fight against the cockatrices. Blundering about in the darkness towards creatures that can turn you to stone is an interesting battle tactic.

It was disappointing to not be allowed time alone with those turned to stone. It would have been interesting to conduct some experiments upon their condition before turning them back to flesh. I will have to interrogate them on what they felt while turned to stone. It is perhaps an avenue to pursue should one wish to preserve their life for a long period of time.



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