Unlikely Heroes for Unhappy Times

Necromancer's Journal

Acid rain, and not enough spells

Our journey to find the ancient temple has re-started. After gaining access to the book on undead in the Lathander library, I was able to confirm my suspicions that a vampire can be subdued by driving a stake through their heart. Also, more importantly, I learned that there are indeed several different types of vampire. This will require further investigation.

My new test subjects were reluctant to drive a stake through the heart of the corpse of Algernon. I find this curious, as it is merely now an empty vessel, and they did not really know this Algernon well. I hope for the sake of Tilverton that the priest of Lathander is correct in that the body will not rise for three months. If we take too long and I return to find a vampire then it would be interesting to see what type has arisen. It would be troublesome to my travels if Tilverton is plagued by a vampire or other undead, however the prospects for study would be marvelous.

The journey to the source of the river in the Anaroch desert was uneventful, but for passing a nest of griffons or hippogriffs (it was debated and undecided) and an encounter with some kind of acid rain. Purple clouds unleash acid, but it was not determined if it was magical or natural in nature.

I could have done with the spell Feather Fall to gain entrance into the temple we discovered behind the waterfall. However, it would eat into the number of spells my mortal form can manage to comprehend, so I decided not to learn it. Feather Fall is an extremely situational spell. I do not plan to be falling off any heights in the future – it is for my minions to take the risks and discover the perils that will impede my path.

This limit on my spell capabilities is vexing. I will conduct an ongoing research experiment to try and remedy this problem. Perhaps if I can study the bodies of magic using creatures I can determine where the spells are stored. this might be able to be harnessed, to increase my spell repetoire.

However, more pressing concerns are at hand. We are not alone in this complex, and I fear the known way out is now guarded by a water dwelling creature.



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